“Pay it Forward”

By Jimmyhonda

August 01, 2019

20 days ago

So, I’ve been in the hobby for almost three years and I’ve dove head first. Like many of us. I’ve built up a nice collection through buying/trading/selling etc.  Well, my best friend loves pinball as much as I do, but he just can’t financially afford to buy one right now. He absolutey loves playing my machines and always talks about owning one, someday. He’s a great guy. He helps me clean and upgrade my games occasionally just because he’s a great friend and he just loves everything to do with pinball, like myself. So, for his birthday, I wanted to do everything I could to get him a pinball machine. I saved up some extra cash and a very nice seller worked with me on a good price for Cleopatra, which was in very nice shape. I went and picked it up Cleopatra and brought it home. The next day, I invited him over and showed him my next pinball machine I wanted help cleaning and upgrading. I asked him why he thought I wanted his help. Then I told him “because this is YOUR pinball machine brother! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”.  I’ve never seen my best friend cry. Ever. Well, he did this day and it was AWESOME!  Pay it forward my friends. Life is short. At the end of the day, money and these machines really don’t mean anything. It’s about the relationships we build and just living life. 

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11 days ago
Cleopatra’s a great game with beautiful artwork. Consider yourself lucky with that hard to find title. I have the EM version and it’s one of my all-time-favorites in my collection! Love the game rules and fast action game play of this great Gottlieb classic!
11 days ago
This brought a tear to me eye! This is the kind of thing we are supposed to do for each other. I am really happy for the both of you. Good job! Good to know there are still good people in this crazy world of ours.
6 days ago
Dude, that's awesome!!!
6 days ago
Great story!
6 days ago
Way to go.
I have the Solid State Cleo.
6 days ago
Wowzers. And that condition too! Very nice gift. One of my favourite games (I have a SS one as well)
2 days ago
Thats awesome!
2 days ago
That's awesome. Way to go!
2 days ago
What a dude! Great work!
22 hours ago

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