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3 years ago
Awesome game. It doesn't get any better then a pinball machine integrated with ACDC music a Steve Richie layout and code by Lyman Sheats. This game is a masterpiece!
5 years ago
Simply the best pinball machine ever made.
5 years ago
I wanna like this pin but it's just not going to happen. I was excited when this title was announced. I'm a Ford guy I own a Mach 1 that's featured on the playfield. The callouts are among the worst, the music is bad but your own music can be added. It's just not fun to play. This is my dream theme for a pinball machine and Stern didn't do a good job with this one. Very disappointing pin!
5 years ago
Jackbot is a underrated pin. Casino run is a blast. What a great idea bring back a classic design with modern rules.
5 years ago
Great family fun. The artwork is colorful the gofers are fun to hit. This is my favorite Lawlor pin.
6 years ago
Great game. One of the best early 80's SS pins.
7 years ago
Let me say this first. This is a pin from my childhood. I'm not basing this review on nostalgia. I already had a few late 70's SS games in my collection and sold after a few months. IMO this is the best looking pin out there. Simple classic artwork. Not overdone.
Just a classy looking machine. The rules are great. It's just one of those games that keeps you coming back for more.
8 years ago
Great Flow. Fun and addicting game. Yes I even enjoy the music.
8 years ago
Sorry not a fun machine. I really wanted to like this pin but it's just not going to happen.
8 years ago
Kind of a stop and go pin. Not much flow. Still a lot of fun to play with great rules and layout.
8 years ago
I really wanna add this pin to my collection. Easy to understand rules and great flow. Great theme how can you go wrong with Elvira! I think this machine is a little overpriced.
8 years ago
I really enjoy playing this pin. Nice flow and fast pin. Great for the casual player. The 8 ball multi is insane. I enjoy this more then the Williams version if you really wanna compare.
8 years ago
Great theme. Love the flow and the music. The supercharger is the best toy in pinball.
9 years ago
Great game! Machine plays fast for a widebody. I was a huge wrestling fan in the 70's early 80's. The quality is very good. Lots of different modes. Don't shy away from the title. This is a great pin in the $1 k range.
9 years ago
Simple but effective. Green,Yellow,Red,Blue ball in the hole countdown! Great art never gets old. Sold this pin and picked up a Joker POker