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1 year ago
Game is deeper than you first realize. Great theme, callouts, artwork, etc everything others have said. A keeper for sure
1 year ago
Had for a bit now. Still need to play more so might change but so far so good. Nothing new here- with air ball protectors and properly tweaked, the game is a lot more fun than most people probably see on location. Have an LE and must say the most aesthetically pleasing game in my collection. Wish there were more authentic callouts but music is spot on. Hopefully the new rules will make a bit deeper but think this one may be a keeper.
1 year ago
Fast. Challenging. One of the best theme to table I’ve seen. Would be difficult to part with. Amazing game.
1 year ago
Not too bad a game. Not for those who have one game but would do well in a 3+ collection. Shorter ball times with lots to shoot at. Not too much pause but not speed like IM or Tron.
2 years ago
A waited after getting no one for awhile to write a review. After owning I understand why it is rated so good for so long. So many different things going for it. Many option shots that are rewarding to hit. The ceramic ball, magnet flippers, working gumball, etc all just fit perfect. It's more a work of art. Love it.
3 years ago
Game is quick, brutal and makes you wanting more.
3 years ago
Fun to play, very hard to get to San Diego, just not too much depth otherwise. Still like it though
3 years ago
Updated after owning. Just a great game. If you add potd characters and some mods, especially the shaker, this game is perfect. Never leaving the collection
3 years ago
Underrated imho. Possibly because I've modded with upgraded lights, music and toys, but I really enjoy the game. Could be deeper but once you start tinkering with it as a huo its a really fun game. Musts are sound changes and lights.
5 years ago
Fun game. Very quick. Multiball can get a little jumpy and causes the balls to bang up frequently on glass, even hop over flippers and walls. Looks awesome with led replacement kit but can get distracting at key levels. Overall great game.
5 years ago
This was my first pin. I like the theme and it is tougher to get a large score but could be based on the fact that you need some luck to spell out magic. Overall basic but fun.