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2 years ago
Indy is just beautiful. I wanted this game for a long time and finally found one. It did not disappoint but it did not last as long as I thought. After playing newer games I am starting to feel that the older DMD don't have the lasting ability for me. Indy might be the best theme for me. Shots are nice and smooth. THis game has some nice flow. The Idol lock is cool but really slows the game down. The video modes are also fun but didn't age well IMO. THe worst for me is the mode start saucer. On my machine it was way to hard to keep the ball from popping out. Overall if I had ore room I would love another one. Glad I owned it, glad I moved on.
3 years ago
I love the theme. You either like or hate the band. This game just never clicked with me. I know how many people love this game. The second time that I have gotten a game only to be disappointed. I really wanted a MET and I got a near-perfect HUO machine. There was almost no honeymoon period for me. I heard others talk about a game feeling like chopping wood and never understood until I had this in the house. It just never felt fun. It was always a chore. One of the quickest games to leave and I don't miss it. For some reason, I still want to like it. I feel like the guy who just doesn't "get it" with this title.
3 years ago
Wow, just great overall. No other game feels like LotR. If my collection was bigger it would stay. After you get good at the shots the games last too long but it is so much fun. Rules make sense. The Barlog is cool but not necessary. I do like it in the mode it fits in but the random Barlog serves no purpose. Everyone should own this game at least once.
4 years ago
What the hell is going on here? It takes time actually figure this one out. It's fast. Maybe too fast. Guests didn't like it. I didn't like it until it just clicked. The software is complex. Moving the bonus around and figuring out where to shoot almost feels like a game within the game, but once you understand it, I think this game is great. Very underrated. I think that many people write this one off because they either don't get it, played an early version of the code or have not played it enough.
8 years ago
Was at the top of my want list. I will say this game is really REALLY hard. People who would come over to play would play a game or two and give up. The Mist ball is really cool. I just felt like there could have been more. I found myself just shooting for the left ramp. It is as fast as it is claimed. But have this title in a small collect did not work for me. If you have 8+ games I could see this being a keeper.
9 years ago
Fun game overall. The Dino toy is always fun. The Raptor pit is so cool. When the ball comes flying back at you it can startle you even after 100 plays. Great theme. LOVE the cab. Playfield is terrible looking with the artwork. Kids love this game and non-pinball people want to try it. My issue is it breaks down ALL THE TIME. It is down waiting for parts a lot. Still it is a fun game and deserves its spot in the top 50.
9 years ago
This is a hard game to rate for me. I wanted one so bad. While I enjoy it, it lacks that "just one more game" thing that other games have had.
The good... There is a lot going on. There are a ton of shots. I love the magnets. The Idol is great. I LOVE the theme. The head is cool and does not seem to get annoying. The mutli-balls are frequent and fun. Nice lights. Getting the superjackpot is suck a great call out. There are a ton of modes. Getting all R I P L E Y S letters is SOOOO hard. The skill shot is very hard but worth the huge points.
The Bad...The upper playfield/slot machine is a waste. This is the worst part of the game for me. It could have been so much better. This hurts the game IMO. The main playfield is too crowded.
10 years ago
This game is fast, but is missing something. The RGP on the backglass is fun the first few times but is really nothing more than a gimmick. It's just not that fun. The layout is weak. I love ramps, ramps and more ramps but the ramp shots are not that great. The toys of Arnold and the T3 are very ugly. This is not a good looking machine and the Arnold in the middle of the playfiled looks bad. I really wanted to like this pin.
11 years ago
A very fun machine. The good: Toys are really fun. Slot on playfield is cool. Roulette wheel is sweet. The sound on this machine are very nice. Sounds like you are in Vegas. The bad: Easy. Way too easy. Ball times get really long for no reason. All in all a cool machine and fun for kids, but not deep.
11 years ago
This is a fun game. Lots of fun shots. Lots to do. This would be a good one to own. There are a lot of fun things to do.


I own one now. This game just gets better and better. This thing is a killer. Great shots and fast fast fast play, but will kill you if you miss a shot. If you are on your game this is a ball to play.
11 years ago
The game that many first fell in love with. I too loved this game and spent many hours and quarters on it. BUT, it can get old. Same thing over and over. The gun was the coolest thing at the time.
11 years ago
After searching for my first pin I needed a good price and fun. This game is underrated. A really fun game. Lots to do. Fun video. Fighting, gun play. It will keep you on your toes. Can get fast with the back loop and the gun play. For the price it is a steal.
11 years ago
This was the game that you just had to try. This thing sucked quarters faster than any other game. Fun....nope. Huge....yep. You just felt like a king playing this thing. It was experience playing this thing. You knew going into it that it was not going to be fun, but you HAD to play it, just to see what it was like.