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4 years ago
Loved the art and theme, but the game play was so-so. Boring. Not much going on. A few stand up targets and roll-overs. Wanted to keep it in my collection but got tired of playing it quickly.
4 years ago
Had to buy this as my mother and daughter are both teachers! Glad I did. Lots of fun trying to collect the letters to spell TEACHER'S PET. Once collected each drop target earns a free game. Also can earn replays with points. Like the old single player EM's that offer multiple ways to win replays. The little flippers can knock the ball all the way to the top with skill. Hit the 1-2-3 and open the gate. Artwork is funny and attractive. Bells sound good. Had this game more than a's staying in my collection for sure!
5 years ago
Had this game for a while. Not a keeper. Was just so so.
5 years ago
Had this game for a short while. Never found it interesting enough to keep. So so.
5 years ago
What a fantastic EM. I didn't know what I was buying when this project came along. But after repainting the cabinet back to factory (someone in the past had painted it black), and shopping the game, I decided it is definitely staying in my collection! The game is beautiful to look at. I'm partial to boating and bathing suits, and the game play is great fun. Generally you get long ball play time. There are 4 flippers total -- 2 in the upper playfield and 2 in the lower. If you can keep the ball in the upper playfield you can knock away at the roto target or the bullseyes to advance or collect the bonus. When the ball drops to the lower playfield you can also collect points based on the bonus level, or you can hit the bullseyes to advance the bonus. It's also fairly easy to flip the ball back up to the upper playfield.

The bonus value starts at 1 and goes to 100. Once at 100 it resets only after you hit the roto target. Since the bonus doesn't reset between balls or players, if you are playing 2 players, your opponent will assume the bonus level you left at the end of your ball.

Lots of bell noise! Two bells in the backbox and a 5" bell in the cabinet. Lots of targets and lots of noise. And lots of fun. I can't knock this game for anything.
5 years ago
First of all, I want to comment about other people's comments about the sound. There are three different sound options that are user selectable. Most Bally's of this era have sound adjustments using dip switches on the MPU board, but this game sound options are adjustable from a button inside the coin door. YES, option #2 and #3 are annoying sound options as others have stated, but option #1 is quiet except for your basic electronic bell ringer sounds. Play the game with the sound selected to option #1. I have been playing this game now for a week. I have had numerous games with scores into the millions. The ball plays really fast and almost never drains. Easy to flip it up to the top. The fly away targets are fun, as is the roulette wheel. There is lots of action all over the play field. I'd say the downside to this game is learning the rules. While they are not intuitive, they are really not that difficult to understand. Learn the rules, and you can add-a-ball over and over. I have played several games that lasted I'd say at least 15-20 minutes. The play field lighting is very nice. Flashy. The backglass is subtle...almost seductive. Like you're supposed to be hush-hush around a speakeasy. I'd say this game would be rated higher if people were playing the game where the sound was set to option #1 (the non-annoying option), and where the game was tuned and functioning like new. Challenging and exciting.
5 years ago
I've been playing this every day since I got it home and working....which was a couple of weeks ago. Fun! At first I thought it was slow, but after a few games I got the hang of getting the ball to fly...all the way to the top of the play field, which is no problem. I've waxed the pf and installed new rubbers. The ball zings off the slingshots, around, through, and hitting the mushroom bumpers and back to the can keep it flying around. The U mushroom closes the flippers, the L opens them. So the ball flies around opening and closing the flippers and once in a while the ball lands on the closed flippers where you get a skill shot from them (closed flippers). No need to get the ball all the way up to the top rollovers because the mushroom bumpers on the pf trip the same letters L-U-C-K that the rollovers do. Lots of action with this. Not much in the way of sounds. Has 2 bells which were sounds of the 1960's. Beautiful, colorful backglass. One other cool feature is that you can win replays by points as well as spelling L-U-C-K. When you spell L-U-C-K you are awarded a "crescent", then the letters reset to be spelled again. The number of crescents needed for a replay are adjustable, as of course are the points needed for a replay.
6 years ago
EM at its best! Back in the days when bumpers and rollovers were 1 point each. Ten or forty points when lit, and a few other combinations. The pop bumpers are arranged around a rotating wheel like a ferris wheel. Get the ball flying around the bumpers and watch the roto-wheel spin for extra points, bells and whistles (well, not the whistles). Easy rules...light all the cars on the ferris wheel for a special, or special via points. Fun and nostalgic. This game goes well next to a jukebox playing 45 oldies.
6 years ago
This has become my go to game since I got it working correctly. Very addictive. Simple rules. Love it when you get the ABCD once, or twice, or three times. Three times and the whole play field is lit up...SPECIALS in several places. Nice play field art. Especially like the rabbit in the hat cabinet art. The backglass is nice too...retro EM. Lots to aim for: spinners, rollovers, and the straight up the middle (SUTM) open the gate target. This game is a keeper.
6 years ago
I really like playing this game. Lots to shoot at, drops, the horse shoes (u-turns). Easy rules....spell R-O-C-K. Really like the play field art. The backglass is a little dull. Get through the horse shoes a few times for the SPECIAL. Difficult to get to the saucer to collect the bonus. Has the "one more time" effect on me. The downer with this game is the lack of Stones music. Guess it had something to do with the license agreement. Never the less, I find this a really fun game to play.
6 years ago
My first pin. Great artwork. Have both backglasses, with and without the German writing on the dagger. Love Mata Hari's flowing hair. A classic and fun to play.
6 years ago
Score B-A-L-L-Y and the sounds remind me of R2D2. Speaking of sounds, there are variations of sounds that can be selected on the MPU which add to the enjoyment of playing this game. Play is ok, drop targets, saucer, round-about (hyperspace), and the hook back to the shooter lane to collect some bonus points. Plays fast if set up correctly and clean waxed play field. Playfield seems so narrow, but then, I always seem to play TREK right after playing my wide body Future Spa. Trek is fun. Cabinet colors are a bit out of tune with my preference, but the game is tucked in-between others so don't really notice.
6 years ago
I love holding onto this wide body! Feels BIG. Like the backglass, especially the strobing FUTURE SPA. Lots of action in the upper playfield. Lots to aim for in the lower playfield. The in line drops are a challenge. Didn't like them at first, but have gotten good at hitting them and it's a good feeling to rack up the bonus multiplier, even get the extra ball and SPECIAL. This is my go to game in my collection when I just want to play a game or two. This is the game my friends prefer also when they come over and want to play a little pinball. Cool sounds.
6 years ago
Picked this up as my first EM. It played so so until I adjusted some switches and stepper units. Also had to repair the sunken inserts and fix some bad light sockets. Now it plays like new and it's fun. Not too fast, but lots to shoot at...drop targets, spinner, and 2 saucers. Makes for good play. The artwork is great -- playfield and backglass have that nostalgic look. Won't be getting rid of this game any time soon.

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