7 Year old pinball player

7 Year old pinball player

By JerryM

November 28, 2018

54 days ago

The other day my 7 year old son said to me "dad, can kids design pinball games"?  Wow!  I said yes, of course they can.  You can do anything you want!  He proceeded to tell me about his game he is designing.  He said "two dangers then a tilt but the tilt won't stop the flippers from operating just the sound and lights will go out (mechs would still function).  You would then have to know where to shoot to continue playing.  Two more dangers with a tilted machine would lead to tilt number 2 which would result in a lost second ball or a lost third ball, whichever.  He even has a name for it: "Speed Plane" based on actuall racing planes which would require several stunts to be performed as well.  He is working on the backglass now.  Love it!

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49 days ago
Very cool.
49 days ago
I like! At the very least, it's a great way for a father & son to spend time together.
45 days ago
Out of the box thinking, he has mastered it.

Kids come up with the coolest idea's, now sell it to a pinball manufacturer near you ;)
36 days ago
True, kids come up with the wildest ideas. I was telling him how there has to be at least 5 other people involved when "designing" a game. He didn't really grasp that concept. We do spend lots of time playing together. We have NGG and he shot 3 super jackpots tonight. Beat me up pretty bad!

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