PINSIDE TOP 50 - BY YEAR (adjusted data)

By jeffspinballpalace

February 12, 2020

14 days ago

Pinside Top 50 by Year data was adjusted to equalize reporting methods.  For more details on methodology, see footnotes on the document labeled: Pinside Top 50 - By Year (adjusted date).  Also an acronym list was created and a column counting the number of times a title appeared in 13 annual listings analyzed.  It is labeled: Pinside Top 50 - Acronymns (adjusted date)

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7 days ago
Interesting work.

You do have a problem with the IJ listings though.
In 2009, IJ is listed as both 6th and 23rd - and in 2017 it is listed as both 7th and 9th.
Could this be due to the Stern version?

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