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9 months ago
This game is so much fun to play. I highly recommend purchasing this game! The rules are great, that music and call outs are awesome the game has really good flow and lots of moving parts. If you really enjoyed Scared stiff, then you are going to love this game and appreciate how much deeper the code is. Great job stern!
1 year ago
Really fun game. Already put 50 plays on it and I am officially addicted. The T-Rex is an amazing toy but it only seems to swallow the ball 75% of the time. Hopefully I can tweak it and get it to work more consistently but other than that this game is incredible.
This is easily the best Stern game made in the last few years.
2 years ago
I want to like this game and have put 15 games on it but it just doesnt feel good to shoot. The right ramp rejects the ball constantly and the side ramp is beyond frustrating to hit. Also the ball seems very floaty and the game doesnt have good flow. To clunky for my taste.

The left ramp is great and really fun to shoot.
The animations are better than when at expo but they are still not great.

I don’t really have any interest to play the game again.
3 years ago
This game is so much fun!
3 years ago
Just picked this up and have put on about 20 games. This is my first JJP game and I love it. The layout is great, the build quality is fantastic and it speakers are really nice. The game is so much fun to play. Still trying to pick up a bit of the rules. I will update the review once I have more plays on it.
4 years ago
I don't like the layout. The 3rd flipper doesn't make sense to me at all. Nothing original, smaug is a huge let down (talking puppet).
The artwork is good, the sound is nice, but thats about it. So this machine is not for me.
Over priced for what it is.
5 years ago
I was so unimpressed with this game. The star child area is a complete waste of space. The spinning disc was either super weak on the one I played or not working. The code is super bare on it and I found no shots on this game satisfying. If you don't get it up the center ramp all the way get ready for a center drain. Not a fan.
6 years ago
Boring best describes this game. I can't give it a fair review because the ramp was broken and stayed up the whole time. Hated the sound track so much though that I don't really even care to try one with a working ramp.
7 years ago
This is the best looking game out there. Lighting is fantastic and I am sure will only get better. The game is just so much fun to play. Great job stern!
7 years ago
I have seen 4 woz machines on location. 2 where broken and shut off. One kept getting the balls stuck on the lock release on the ramp and the 4th machine worked. I am not a fan of the layout. I personally don't really love mini playfields so this design does not do it for me. It is a very challenging game which is a positive!
8 years ago
This is my dream machine to own one day! Such a great game.
8 years ago
I have put over 50 plays already on the LE and I am very impressed. Everything from lighting, sound, layout, flow, theming, rules and artwork is top notch. I can't stop playing this game. It is very challenging and makes you keep coming back for more. I am playing version 1.1 and once they get an update out there to fix some of the glitches this maybe my favorite stern game of all time (and possibly a top 3 game of mine of all time). Make sure to check this game out! If you can't get a hold of an LE or don't have the budget for one, the pro is still a game not to miss.

1.2 code update. This is my favorite game stern game ever to be released since Spiderman. With the new code update this is an incredible machine. The new Magneto Multiball light show is awesome. Must have game.
8 years ago
Just picked this up. Fantastic game.
8 years ago
I love this game. I always come back to it. Great game you can pickup at a cheap price. Lots to shoot for, very cool magnets, crane is awesome and smart missle option is cool. My favorite Arnold game to date.
8 years ago
Fun game. I would say the most intense Stern game to date. Very challening, plays great with a shaker motor and Sub. Would love to get one in my collection one day. (Iron Man Classic edition is a joke. Get the Pro one if your going to get one).
8 years ago
The lighting is amazing. It took me a while to get into this game, but now I love it. Very well done.
9 years ago
This is a beautiful looking game. They did a fantastic job with the lighting on the playfield. I went ahead and added some extra flashers and it looks amazing! This is my 2nd favorite stern game right behind LOTR. Great flow to this game and great music. Buy this game!
9 years ago
The first few times I played this game I couldn't get into it. But after understanding the rules this game is one of my favorites out there! I picked one up the other day and can't stop playing it. It really does feel like Sterns version of Twlight Zone. So many things to do and it has great flow to the game. I added a bunch of extra LED spot lights in the game and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend picking this game up if your looking for a deep game to play.
9 years ago
This is based of the Pro version. It took me about 10 games to really get into the machine. It didn't grab my attention. It just feels that they really cut back production cost on the game. It was such an awesome movie and I feel the pinball machine does not give it justice. They could have done SO MUCH MORE with the game.
UPDATE AS OF 6/24/12 I am hooked to the game now! It took me a few weeks to warm up to the game and now that I completely understand it I can't stop playing it!
9 years ago
This is my favorite pinball machine in my collection. It is so well built and offers so much for the experienced player. This is a must have game and blows any any current stern game by a mile. They don't make games like this anymore. Maybe WOZ will change that!
9 years ago
This game has great flow. It is super fast and it is one of my favorite games in my collection. I can only play it so long because it isn't a very deep game but it is a game that I would never choose to get rid of. I do wish that the trunk didn't give me so many issues but when it is working correctly it is an awesome toy. I enjoy this more than CV and PM.
9 years ago
This is my favorite Stern game. It is a blast to play and really feels like a Williams game. Great ramp shots, great toys and great rules. What else can you ask for! Maybe a new back glass. But I love the game and wish Stern still made games at this quality.
9 years ago
I really enjoy playing the Family Guy mainly because I am a huge fan of the show. They did a great job translating the show to the Pinball Machine. Wish it had more ramps. But it has a good rule set and it is very easy to get into. People who enjoy the show will love the game! I love how it has different setting on it for language!
9 years ago
This is based off the Pro version of the machine. From my first impressions with the game I was pretty bored with it pretty quickly. It didn't grab my attention. I felt the main transformer toy that you hit with the ball was very cheap feeling and they could have done so much more with it. The megatron multiball was pretty cool and I like how the balls shot out so quickly. Overall though after playing the game for about an hour I was bored with it. The artwork and lighting is nice. I haven't really enjoyed a stern game though since Spiderman.