Just starting

Just starting

By jeffafa

June 21, 2017

1 year ago

My buddy and I started this pinball repair business {mainly because we get to play the games while we work on them} and have kept the games to the 1976 to 1982 era. They all look pretty much the same as far as working on them in that time slot, so we can perfect ourselves on repair. We have two Bally Playboy machines and two Bally Star Trek machines. Not sure if we want to paint the cabinets. Time and money. We can and know how to paint them, we just have to hook up with a buyer and see if they want to spend the extra bucks.

Otherwise, we want to stay in that Solid State era of GREAT pinball machines.Played them at the bars after work at 7 a.m. Loved them then...Love them now.I have to figure out how to get my profile picture on here somewhere.

I have a topic in the forum about coin doors---free play and pay play.

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1 year ago
I have 17 machines total haven't set them up in almost 10 years would like them gone thru with a quote.
How do I get to where you're at?

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