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Jeewiz13's ratings

Pinsider Jeewiz13 has rated 7 machines.

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Rating comments

Jeewiz13 has written 7 rating comments:

3 years ago
Fast action older Stern. Love the long line of drops. Tough to lock ball though.
3 years ago
Surprisingly fun as a cookie cutter layout. More or less Kiss. Bad geometry for the ball lock. Seems to slopped in more than made on purpose.
3 years ago
Not very deep but its mean. Makes you want to come back for more. Love stacking multiballs.
3 years ago
The game that got me into pinball. So much fun.
3 years ago
Great art but that is all that its got. Not that fun.
3 years ago
Very fun for an early SS. Great strategy needed for use of drop targets.
3 years ago
Super awesome game. Total ass kicker. Love it.