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8 years ago
Awesome pin. Easy to learn and very satisfying when you start getting good at the boat shots.
8 years ago
Some interesting ball paths and surprising events as you use the teleport shots. Quite challenging.

Magic save is awesome.
8 years ago
Really simple game to step up to as a beginner. Extremely satisfying left and right alternating ramp shot as you move towards "payback"

Its easy to love a pin with Arnie sound bites
8 years ago
Really loved this game. The speech is fantastic and the sounds are great. Music did not ever get annoying to me.

It quite obvious what you are supposed to do and very satisfying when you do it.

Awesome artwork on the playfield and backglass.
8 years ago
Really cool rocket ship shot. I liked all the toys. It wasn't always clear to me what I was supposed to be doing though. BG music is fairly irritating after a short time.
8 years ago
I enjoyed it for a while but found myself always worried I was about to break the Alien Head toy. Really great cast of characters.

Playfield is quite dark in the middle running stock (im sure you could add spotlights or something)

Cool Alien eyes behind flippers.

Worth a try but not a keeper for me
8 years ago
I really enjoyed it. Some of the most funny call outs I have heard in my short pinball career. I loved the sound and they way Pinbot and Bride spoke to eachother. Really great backglass art depicting the construction of Bride.
9 years ago
I really love playing this and am glad I purchased it. Great flow with awesome shots. This game really can draw you in as you progress.
9 years ago
This is a very simple but very fun pin to play. The breakshot is very satisfying as you trap balls behind the post and shoot them in the center pockets. Also the bank shot achievable with the upper right flipper is extremely satisfying if you can get it going a few times in a row. I owned this pin for a week. If it was in better condition I would still have it today.
9 years ago
It is a tough game with infuriating drains and not enough satisfying shots to balance it out. The overall flow didn't feel so great either. It does look fantastic though. I owned it for about 3 weeks. I will not miss it.