Excited about my first pin

Excited about my first pin

By JDub1006

September 21, 2011

7 years ago

I remember my first pinball machine purchase like it was yesterday. I bought a Gottlieb Big Hit for $800.00 from a local dealer in Nebraska. When I got it home I made a place of honor in the game room and set it up (incorrectly at first). I was green to collecting pinball but excited none the less. I set the family rules for proper use with my boy's and we played it until the early morning hours. After I put them to bed I polished and waxed until morning.

I remember Mike the pinball shop owner telling me that I wont be able to own just one and thinking what would I do with two. Three pins later my wife wants to know where to put these machines and why our savings account is not growing anymore.

I know this hobby isn’t for everyone, as my employees at work make fun of me and the local arcade attendant didn’t even know what a pinball machine was ( I guess it is a generation thing) but I find comfort in knowing there are many collectors out there and most seem to be as excited as me about pinball and sharing our passion with others.

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7 years ago
"I know this hobby isn’t for everyone, as my employees at work make fun or me"

ha...yeah, alot of my friends don't get it either. there loss!
7 years ago
agreed. BTW great picture!! :)
7 years ago
the hobby is growing and shows no signs of slowing down
welcome aboard JDub1006
7 years ago
I get wierd looks as well when I tell people I collect pinball machines. Then they start asking questions and I start talking the next question after where do you get them is, "How many do you have?" That really gets them going when I mention that I have 19 of them.
6 years ago
Mikee sold me my whirlwind when I got back into the hobby.

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