As a little boy

By JDub1006

September 21, 2011

8 years ago

I remember as a small child my father taking me to play pinball anywhere there was a machine. The bells, buzzers and flipping of the score reels were intoxicating. I remember he use to teach me how to trap the pinball on a flipper and aim for skill shots to achieve that extra ball or high score.

In College my fraternity house had an old pin in the basement, the condition was fair at best and something was always breaking on it but still when it was fixed we would play for hours betting on high scores or a particular skill shot.

It seems that family, friends and pinball just went together in my life, so as I grew up I wanted to keep with that tradition and pass on the fun memories with my boys.

I knew nothing about buying a pinball machine, very little about maintenance and upkeep on a machine and less on where to find one (that wasn’t 4000 dollars).

After several weeks of searching online and calling places someone told me about a local dealer in Nebraska. I visited him at his shop and found him to be really friendly and happy to answer questions, it seemed like he just wanted to share his passion for pinball with someone new. After a few visits I bought my first machine...I remember polishing it almost everyday, a few months later I bought my second and then third pin.

My personal preference is older Em's machines from my childhood, but my kids enjoy the newer machines. Regardless, we have hours of family fun and togetherness.

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8 years ago
Thank you. This is a fantastic site, great information on web sites for parts and services along with fun discussions.
8 years ago
yeah cool story
often we overlook the good people we meet in our hobby
8 years ago
a few months later I bought my second and then third pin.

Funny, we warn everybody that will happen!
8 years ago
Great story and welcome to Pinside!!

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