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7 years ago
I played Nascar for the first time today. After a couple of games I started to get the hang of it.

The game plays fast and has some fun playfield toys, the ramps were fun and easy to shoot at and I liked the ball accelator. The car garage kicks out the ball directly to the middle drain 1 out of every 3 times which stinks and the playfield felt a little cluttered. Over all I give it an average rating. Not a home game but I would play again on location.
7 years ago
I cant put my finger on why but I really enjoed playing this pin. I continue to kick myself for passing up the $1100 price tag due to listening to others bash on it. Super fun game play with great flow. "you wanna mouse around?" Heck yes!!!
7 years ago
I know this is a beloved game by collectors but I just cant give it a stellar rating. My opinion it's average at best. I enjoy the simplistic game play but it got old quickly.
7 years ago
I find myself drawn to this pin, it's an adventure. Great music and sound...a LED must. One of Sterns best games!!!
7 years ago
It's a Steve Ritchie design.....Super fast with tight shots. Some say the game play lacks depth, I disagree it's a shooter's pin and you better be on the ball or it's brick city. Upgrade your ROM to 2.3 and polish that baby up and it will be a keeper in your collection.

Side note:

Make the investment and buy the Cliffy protectors for both the ramps and the jump ramp...broken ramps, weak flipper coils and worn coil back stops effect the game play and experience.
7 years ago
I really enjoyed playing this pin. I have to admit I play 2 new Sterns and then the GI....I kept comming back to the GI...Great music and fun shots. The game might get old and the shots may get repetitive after a while...but still a great guily pleasure pin.
7 years ago
I personally enjoyed this game, the shaker adds a ton of fun to the multiball and T-Rex sounds during the game play. The snager is a little slow, but the egg feature and magnet is fun. I enjoy to open playfield and rule set. JPLW is a true shooters games.
7 years ago
Love this game!! It was blast to play and looked great with the LED set up in it. After playing the game I instantly added it to my want list.
7 years ago
I sunk a bunch of quarters into this game at a local Keno hall. The playfield was crowded but the theme and voices were really good. I like the toys in the game but Stewies mini pinball was pretty week. This game really needs LED's for better light.
7 years ago
Just plain Pinball Family Fun!!
7 years ago
I loved the video game as a kid. Gottlieb stayed true to the theme of the video game which is cool in my opinion. Game play is okay, kind of slow at points but easy to figure out and the kids love it. This is more of a kids pin in my opinion, but it looks really cool...I love the art work.
7 years ago
B movie, A rated pin. Really good progressive multiball options, great sound and looks fantastic with LED's. The pin has challenging game play that keeps you comming back for more. The only take away is the L-bolt fillpers are a tad bit shorter than regular flippers and take a little bit getting use too.
7 years ago
Party animal has Great music and a cool playfield (juke box, ramps, and drop targets). The flow is a little off with the large juke box and the cabinet is plain jane. All in all a good playable game for all ages.
8 years ago
What can I say I own it and love it. For a 1977 last of EM era I thought it was done well. It plays well and has a little of everything for that era. A plus is the adjustable skill shot for an extra ball. The art work is a personal preference since it is the exact same game as Fire Queen.
8 years ago
I played and played but just didnt like it. It looks like someone went to WalMart and bought some Transformer toys and a hot wheels car then glued them to the playfield. The music and sounds are good but Stern could have done alot more with the playfield and design.
8 years ago
Overall I thought it was a fun game, had me comming back for more. I would put LED's in it for better lighting.
8 years ago
Just not enough on the playfield. Not that much fun...buy cyclone much more fun.
8 years ago
Remember it is a late 70's SS game. I enjoy the music tone start up but the playfield sounds can get repetitive, especially when you hit the spinner and it goes for 30 seconds. To hit the drop targets with the right flipper can be challenging due to PF layout. I like the roll over targets in the middle and the left side, the kick out hole is fun for extra bonuses and the plunger skill shot is cool. All in all it is a simple game that both kids and adults will enjoy to play.
8 years ago
What can I say besides I just love this game. Visually appealing, fun to play and great sound / graphics!!!
8 years ago
I own it and thought I would give it a real review. If you read the others they are correct, the balls can fall off the ramp so adjustments are needed on occasion, it is right flipper heavy, the ramps are difficult to complete and it does need more multiball options in my opinion. Plus side, the sound and DMD is outstanding, the options to pick your game with the flippers is fun and the toys/ gimmicks are top notch. All in all it is a fun WB machine to play.
8 years ago
I own it and enjoy it. Not the very best....far, far from the worst.
8 years ago
What can I say...I grew up with SMB on Nintendo...Love the music and the game....good addition is the mini games on the DM...the rest is average to good.
8 years ago
It was fun for about a week. Not my fav not the worst
8 years ago
I understand it's a classic but let's be real....how many times does you ball drop to the pop bumpers and drain down the left side...way to often. Also I found it difficult to move planets with the side skill shots. I did enjoy the ramp field, its fun to see if your ball drops to the playfield, side feed or plunger, the multiball function is decent and the plunger skill shot is fun.
Overall Average.
8 years ago
I just couldnt get into it..the donkey pinball game looked cool but is really hard to see and complete....overall I rather play other new sterns
8 years ago
Lots of skill shots, esp like the crane. Game play is fast. I dont think it is one of the greats but far from average.
8 years ago
I sunk many a quarter into this game. The plunger skill shot is fun and the ramps are easy to hit and carry but it can get a little to repetitive. Really easy to get multiball but the jackpot is a challenge. My opinion average to good.
8 years ago
All I can say is Ramps, ramps and more ramps. FUN!!!
8 years ago
Just a lot of fun to play. Great multi ball action and lots of fun side mini quests to earn big points.

Those pesky gofers taunt you thru the whole game.
8 years ago
I am just not that impressed. It has a difficulty factor higher than most games and play REALLY fast. Overall just an average game.
8 years ago
One of the best in my opinion.
8 years ago
One of the best!!!!
8 years ago
One of the best SS playfields out there for its era.