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4 months ago
I have been playing this game at shows/location since it was announced. The more I play it, the more I like it. The animations do get annoying and the artwork is okay IMO. I should preface this by saying, I love the theme and the idea of owning this pin in my barcade/basement. The toys and features are very impressive and the RGB lighting works well to aid in shots and ruleset. The drawback on this one is the callouts/music are annoying. I personally like the game for the initial theme, the shots (American Pinball makes tough shooting games) and the toys/features. The drawbacks are the cheesy music and animations. But these are things I can turn down and I am looking at the playfield vs the display. I think bang for buck, a solid game. May wait it out a bit, but it also feels like the QC is getting better as American Pinball makes more games.
8 months ago
I took one of these in on a trade recently. I wanted something family friendly, simple ruleset for the novice and a fun machine for a casual player like myself. After a good clean and wax job I have to say this machine surprised me. It's fast...and the orbits will send the ball flying STDM. It's a great funny game with a classic theme from years back. The backglass is awesome and the overall quality of the game is pretty decent. Is it Bally/Williams gorgeous? No, but it is solid fun and the ramps, backglass and simple ruleset allow for family fun vs having to walk kids through a complex ruleset. This pin (like most Data East games) is finicky and needed to be tweeked to get it shooting well. But now the ramps are buttery smooth and the game has several toys, drop down targets, stand up targets and ramps. So bang for the buck it's a decent and fun pin to have in the collection. It may not last for long, but we all seem to enjoy it after two months.
8 months ago
I have played DP Pro at locations all over. The cabinet, are and backglass look much better in person. Some lighting issues in a dark room (especially with disco multiball). Gameplay isn't consistent as others have said, the game needs to be dialed in well for the shots to pay off. Code seems to keep getting better to make this game shine. I feel with each code release, it is become more enjoyable to play. Ball times can be long, but if you know what you are doing, on a well dialed machine isn't that the case anyway? The drawbacks on this machine are early code and clunky shots if it isn't dialed in just right. Theme, I would prefer an adult rated version but hey, it is what it is. The katana and lil Deadpool are pretty awesome. There are plenty of things to shoot for on this pro, which IMO makes this a great value pin for the money.
1 year ago
I have played this on route and in a home with the hacked code. Night and day difference. First I will start with the artwork and layout. It won't be for everyone, it's a theme pin. If you don't like the theme you probably won't like the art on the cabinet or backglass. The playfield has a lot going on. Callouts are consistent and with newer code over the years, the ruleset and modes have become much better. This game shines with some lighting and a color DMD. The Stern callouts and voices are horrible, no real sound clips and they are repetitive, do yourself a favor if you own the game, get the hacked code. It really makes the game more enjoyable. Crossbow mode for killing zombies, a ton of toys in this game and a couple magnets to throw you off make this game's lastability a top for me. A ton to shoot for, some tough and satisfying shots. One of my faves from Stern in the last several years.
1 year ago
The remakes help add some lighting and animations to the original. I love the overall game, it's reliable and great family fun in a cade or in a home. For novice players just keep hitting the castle, the callouts are great in telling you where you need to shoot. As fun as this game is, it's never been one I could just lose hours on, but I am always happy to press the start button for a bit and go down memory lane. True classic remake and reliable as can be, two friends have these and they have been running perfect since day one.
1 year ago
Played this game on location several times and at a few expos now. Early code with locked characters helped simplify the games ruleset so you know what you are doing. This game is DEEP in rules and modes, home use is probably the best way to really master it. The lighting while a little dark is very vivid with color. The artwork is also very well done. Even with the single disc (played both versions now) I think the upper playfield and having so many other shot options make this game a keeper if you have the money for it. I know JJ got a lot of heat with the changes from the prototype, having not personally put money down on one yet I would prefer a reliable machine vs a feature that would break all the time. I think over time with code releases this game will shine.
1 year ago
I have a serious love/hate relationship with this machine. A good friend has one and I play it often. While I go in good spurts I feel like I have yet to unlock it's potential. The reason? There is so much to do and hit. The callouts, animations and theme are top notch. The artwork is hysterical and fun, but the real gripe about this game for me...it's a challenge. And it keeps me frustrated and coming back for more.
1 year ago
My first machine was a Stargate, my kids refuse to let me trade/sell it to this day. The pyramid call out is annoying, but overall the game is pretty decent. Cabinet isn't the best looking, but few non Williams games were back then. It's still a fun game to play and unlock all the modes. The ramps are not that easy and are always a rush to hit on big combos. I think the only major weakness on this game is the pyramid call out and lack of hearing all real character's voices call outs from the movie.
1 year ago
I remember many a day in my teens playing this game. So when I got back into pinball it was on my must have list. After playing a couple at Expos I realized just how tough the game is. I came across one last year and added to my basement. With the unofficial 5.0 code it's amazing. Balanced scoring for the really tough call outs, and the blinders come into play more often. DE has struggled with their "buzz" and this one is no exception due to bad grounding. The lighting (I am still tweaking mine) is fantastic and the call outs are easy to find/see. The build and outlanes make this game tougher than I remembered. Mine is incredibly fast with fresh wax and even on a bad game, I keep coming back for more. The theme and music are not for everyone, and to some it gets old. But for me, this one will never leave the house and I will keep pursuing the Pinball Wizard.