Background Story

Background Story

By jcoble

July 10, 2017

1 year ago

I bought my first arcade game for $50 in 1988. It was an Atari Star Wars, and I was immediately offered $800 for it as soon as I got a new monitor in it.  I don't think I'll ever sell it, but who knows?  Pinball came a little later.  Around 1996 I was traveling for a living, and came across a Data East Star Wars in a convenience store in Tennessee.  I must have stood there for an hour feeding quarters into it, amazed at how far the game had advanced since I played as a kid.  I soon tracked down a used one for sale and brought it home.  Since then I've added the Sega Star Wars (can you tell I'm a Star Wars fan?), then Addams Family, then Twilight Zone and most recently Lord of the Rings.  And yes, I did pre-order the new Stern Star Wars, unplayed and sight unseen. 

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10 months ago
Enjoy the new SW pin!
9 months ago
The power of licensing :-)

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