Meet JC. Or Don't. It's all fine!

By jcfrank101

February 13, 2020

52 days ago

Welcome to my page!

About me: I'm whimsical. Not flighty or an airhead, but purely whimsical--I can be enthralled with the notion of being something or owning something or learning something so abruptly that you can't rely on how I respond to "So what are your interests?" My interests vary like the weather. I can lose interest just as quickly, too...generally when I'm met with a reality that shatters my fantasy. 

My interest in antique pianos dropped when I learned how expensive it was to restore one and how much of a pain it is to move even the tiniest spinet. When I realized that none of my friends care about playing poker or spades, I discarded my passion for collecting unique card decks (I'm roughly 30 unopened decks deep, send help). My zest for learning a new language can no longer find its voice because of the time commitment. I no longer fervently browse Craigslist for Geo Trackers because most of them don't run (and I'm over my ex, who drove one--I had wanted some way of remembering her). 

Now, my whims turn to pinball. One day, very randomly, I had vivd flashbacks of playing my dad's Gottlieb Monte Carlo in the basement. This was in the old house, and he sold it before we moved, meaning I was no older than 8. He's retired now and regrets selling a lot of his cool man-cave items: Asteroids Deluxe, the foosball table, the shuffleboard table. I dug around the internet until I was certain: if thousands of people still get supreme enjoyment out of resurrecting, tweaking, and playing these unwieldy dazzling beasts, then I could too.

Unfortunately, four quarters and a Ghostbusters machine I met at a bar recently explained to me that I'm garbage at pinball. But I do think I'll still get one to play, entertain guests, and give my dad a more legitimate reason to visit me...I haven't the heart to update my address for certain junk mail because he loves coming by to drop it off for me. And he usually brings landjaeger.

In short, I know nothing about pinball machines or its history, have no skill in it, but am enthralled by the lights, sounds, and overall aura just the same. This website is full of neat people who know their stuff, and while I won't be able to contribute in that way, I'm glad to be here. 

Thanks for reading. My avatar picture is due to my love of salsa...please message me if you want to swap recipes!


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