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2 years ago
I enjoy this pin and believe it is underrated. Then again I’m a sucker for 90s Williams. I do enjoy the theme and the shaker motor on this one. Can really get the lost out of your quarter on this one.
2 years ago
A bit overrated in my opinion. For some reason, It’s hard for me to want to return this to pin. I know many people enjoy it but this ones not for me.
2 years ago
Best pin I have ever played. Pin plays smooth and nothing is more fun than taking down the castle. Would love to own one but is a hefty price tag. I always play one whenever I come across one.
2 years ago
Great pin. Remember this from my child hood and had to purchase one later on in life. Had a great time with it as well. Good set of rules that are easily understandable. Purchased one years ago and eventually sold it, I know regret that decision.
2 years ago
Fun game. Credited for the revival of pinball. I once owned one and enjoyed my time with it. I like the theme as well. I would purchase another one if the right deal came along.
2 years ago
Fun game. Lots going on but not too much to understand the rule set. Have a fun time every time I come back to it. Love everything about this game except the cabinet artwork and the right drain. Lol. This pin has something in it for the newest of users and enough for the veteran user to keep coming back.