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7 years ago
So this is the first pin I was after (wasn't my first pin though).
Took a while to find it, but I did.

Love the callouts, awesome family theme.

I do find it a little on the easy side. To the point that I can't play anyone without a lot of pin experience.

It's a great crowd pleaser. Anyone can get behind the flippers and feel like they know what they are doing. Most used machine out of my small pin and arcade collection. People can't get enough of the "hey you with the face" callout.
Glad I own it.
Probably the most fun for $1500 or less can buy.

Not a pin to put the most powerful flipper coils in. One game with the glass off and you realize the ramps are fragile and ball is brutal on them because the ramps are so damn close. I'm also waiting for a spook house ricochet to break the glass.
7 years ago
I've played quite a few dmd pins, but this is the first I owned. Gotta say I love everything about it, other than the movie itself.

If this pin wasn't about a mediocre at best movie I bet the price would be much higher. I have certainly played more expensive pins that were not as good.

Although I do find it a little confusing at times because if you look the wrong place for a split second the ball will ricochet and drain, I find it very rewarding when you do things right.

Love the build up when you get multiball. So does everyone that plays it. You feel like you really won something, lol.

Not the best pin for non pinball players, at my house it's better if they stick to cyclone.

I'd also like to add that i'm a big batman fan. One that didn't really like this series of movies. Good thing is it's still a great pin with a cool batman theme, nobody realizes it other than me that it came from a crap movie.