Some changes

Some changes

By Jbrauer2

February 07, 2019

39 days ago

So a firepower was going to be the next game but a Flash fall in my lap so I now have add Flash to the group. Yes I know that Flash is a stretch when it come to first but it was a good price. Right know Flash is at my parents house in Sidney and they are having fun playing I may have given my parents the pinball bug :) Anyways I am still look to add a firepower to the group soon and i hope it will be soon. My Xenon is having so sound problems and I pretty sure I know what's causing the problem but only time will tell. You can see that my gameroom has more then my collection I am storing some game for a friend in my gameroom. I am start to open up to fixing pins from early years of solid state and getting really good at board work. The 8 game limit may not stay just because I have start having pin game day with friends and neigbors and the group is very growing. January as been good and I am hoping that Febrary will be much then same. Once Xenon sound problem is fixs my collection will be at 100% working and ready for the Game Day ahead. I am alway look for project pins and I hope more will come. We will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for following me on my journey of collecting the First of the solid state pinball games. 

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