June 2022

By Jbrauer2

June 27, 2022

51 days ago

Fun news

I am buying a CNC machine and will have it here by the end July. I have made the table for this and cant wait to get it set up and running. I am getting more time to play but I am thinking about selling my Flash as I am not playing it as much anymore. But I have some work to do on Flash before I would sell it. On other new the repair pinball side of my life is getting busy with more and more people wanting me to come fix they games. I am still looking for game to buy and fix up. Something about give a game that 30 or 40 year old a new life is feel great to me and letting the young kids play some that is sometime twice they ago is fun to see. 

Game Night Update: It was nice to get game night back going and we have had two now I am hoping to get it to twice a month soon.

Will as alway have fun playing and Live and Love Pinball. 


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