First Collection

First Collection

By Jbrauer2

November 14, 2018

68 days ago

I am starting a collection of First's in game play for pinballs. I have started with Gorgar the first talking and it a great way to start but now its time to get more!!

Story photos

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60 days ago
Black Knight, first upper playfield. BlackHole, first lower playfield. Haunted House first upper/lower playfield (I think). Space Shuttle, first playfield toy. High Space, first game with a story to accomplish. Checkpoint (First DMD). Addams Family biggest seller ever. Humpty Dumpty, first game with flips.
55 days ago
1) the first pinball with the "lane change" feature in which the right flipper button controlled the lit/unlit status of rollover lanes,

2) the first SS pinball to have a multiball feature. Attaining three balls in play at the same time was an uniquely attractive reward.

3) the first playfield animation. This "countdown to multiball" animation was innovative and amazing in 1980. It was also near the limit of the electronic and computational capacity of the hardware.
54 days ago
MERMAID, first pin with mechanical back box animation
48 days ago
Thanks for all your help in building my wishlist for the future of first's
15 days ago
Comet: the first pin to feature a 1,000,000 shot.
11 days ago
Gorgar: First talking pinball
3 days ago
how about dr dude - first ever gazillion points shot

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