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By Jbrauer2

February 07, 2020

19 days ago

So about a month ago I pick up a Cue Ball Wizard and a Gorgar both of them in bad shape and now they are almost ready to go home to someone that will play them again. I will add some picture soon of the games. So I now have 12 games in a space that is really can only fit ten but as pinball player go we can not stop buy new games. I am look at day in the week to start a game night for freind and family and I hope we can start this up soon so more people can play and have some fun from the past. I am alway look to build the collection and add some new sound to the room of pinballs. Will I need to get back to work so I can sell Cue Ball Wizard and Gorgar before the end of the month. Thanks for following me can't wait to tell you more on my fun journey with pinball machines.

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