End of the Year update.

End of the Year update.

By Jbrauer2

December 05, 2018

46 days ago

So I have now Black Knight and Xenon to the collection and soon my be add a firepower to the mix. So I am think I will like to stay at around 8 game but we will see in three years from now. I do like have three game because this allows we to work on one but still be able to play a game or two. My only problem is I am having a hard time not trying to fix all the problem on all the game at the same time. I have decided that I will be doing the first in solid state game at first and maybe later down the road look into electrical mechanical world. I have also noticed that there are not that many people that work on pinball but a lot more that play. So I am think about open my door to helping people fix the game they have. This is all still up in the air mainly because I am really only good at William system 3 through 7 game and just getting into Bally game systems. 

Will that is the update for the Month see you all in the new year. 

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