December 2, 2019

By Jbrauer2

December 02, 2019

56 days ago

I am back sorry for the year break from Pinball but only here I have been very busy at home and work but still alway made time for Pinball. So here is the update of where I am at with my pinball life. I have change the way the garage is now setup and I have a total of 10 games with room for more :) So the ever growing list of projects Gorgar is having some problem with power,  Black Knight was not wanting to work at times, One of the Strike and Spares is got a 5v power problem to the MPU, The other Strikes and Spares need to get a different Battery pack someone has Install a 3 AAA pack and this is not enother power to save memory for longer then a day :( and Last but not least Xenon is have some background sound problems. So to say the least I have my Hand full with Projects. But on the good news tonight I just got Black Knight back up and running at 100% I am planning to have a Pin Party here in the next couple of days and will see if the game is good or not for sure then. So its Christmas for me and I have order a Xenon Playfield and A hard top for Firepower and Black Knight. So I will be having some playfield work here in the furture when this get in. :) I have just pick up a F-14 tomcat and Loving it I my have to start buying more Sys 11 and up game. I did find that one of the target on the f-14 is not working but I will look into this next weekend. I am hoping to get my hand on a couple more game here in the next couple of months and add to the ever growing. I will also be starting a open Pin night once a month I have not desided the day yet but this will be a New Year thing that will I hope build a love for pinball game in other in Lincoln and the surounding area. I will try to update again once a month with all the new thing happening in the road to Pinballs of First. 

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54 days ago
F-14 is a fantastic game! Welcome back.
50 days ago
Those are all cool classic type games. Nice collection. Hope you get them all up to snuff real soon. Should all be fun players and a good grouping.

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