April 28, 2020

By Jbrauer2

April 28, 2020

1 year ago

Well Time is no more a problem as I am stuck at home working and find myself out working on games more and more now. I am trying to sell a couple a game now is this time but we will see. I am getting a Ms. Pacman from a friend when all this let up and hoping to get it to work again but we will see as it my first upright arcade game. I have slow down on buying and now trying to find the game that are broken and get them back so more people can play them for years to come. I got out my Xenon playfield and going to start the project of replacing the playfield. 

There is something back a really ball rolling and the flippers sound that make pinball game better then video games. My neighborhood kid love to come over a play so games and I am trying to get the game to token so the kid can play then they get tokens from their parents. I am looking for a Kid pinball game the one that are short and focus for kids and not teens or adults. 

What game should i be looking for? I am wanting to get one for my nephew so he can play at his house.  Well I am going to go fix a William 6 MPU board now. I hope everyone is staying safe and helping other where we can. 

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