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Wife's great idea!

By jbp8653

January 29, 2013

7 years ago

Hello! Wife had a great idea! She said to me a while back that we should make a game room out of my sons old bedroom downstairs. She said a arcade game, dart board, foosball table, and maybe a pinball machine. I said "Pinball Machine????" and laughed. I agreeded to look into it and after a while got into it. I liked MS Pacman as a younger guy and found a really nice original stand up arcade one on craigslist. I bought a electronic dart board and a nice foosball table. Now for a pinball machine. I played in the 60's so the EM machine where all I knew about. I joined this forum to find out about pins and learned about the solid state machines. Wow, what a difference. After a short while I bought a real nice SST from a forum member here. When we picked it up he had a slew of machines in his house. He told me I would not stop at one and I said, No, I think we are fine. Figured our game room was done!........LOL!!!! Got everything all arranged and having fun with it when a friend at work found out we had a pinball machine. He said to me if I knew they had a pin that was Corvette based? ( I have owned a ton of Corvettes and have 2 currently ) I said no, didn't know that. Well within 2 weeks I had a Corvette pin! Thats 2. Then the bug finally really hit me. Started looking at local craigslist ads and ran across a Baywatch that I thought was really cheap.......Pin number3. Then I remembered the BSD the guy I got my first pin from. I thought that game was cool. Found one of them from a member here......Number 4. While we where at his house picking it up he allowed me to play his AC/DC Pro. Wow, what a neat machine. The sound was outstanding! That was about 5 weeks ago. Just ordered a PRO with sound system upgrade and drum,guitar,lightning bolt,and bell mods. Should be here mid Feb! So since Aug. 2012 to now, Jan 2013 I have went from none to 5 pins. I am really enjoying this hobby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 years ago

Welcome to pinside!

7 years ago

Yup, your hooked too. Don't fight the bug, just keep flippin!

7 years ago

nice story - welcome to the Pinside

7 years ago

Congrats! Sounds like you have a great lineup.

7 years ago

Great story, welcome to pinside. Nice wife -Lucky guy

7 years ago

Nice! Welcome aboard!

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