It's Me!

By jazc4

November 03, 2022

33 days ago

I have enjoyed pinball since 1998.  Before that I was strictly arcade machines.  But in 1998 my dad bought a High Speed, and I was hooked.  Then in 1999 I met my great friend Callan, who was in the repair and location business.  That's when I learned how fun it was to restore pins.  I used what I learned to repair and add "mods" to my existing games.  In 2014, I bought my first project game.  It was a STTNG.  The next was Road Show.  Then added a JM and WCS project.  Currently I have a TOTAN I am building from mostly scratch.  I really like playing pinball, but I love restoring them.  Nothing finer than a beautiful pinball machine either new or restored.

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