Getting started

By jaystile

May 11, 2016

3 years ago

I have recently become a pinhead. The guys from work are totally into it and I got swept up by their enthusiasm. As we talked (and the office got a '24' pin in the breakroom) it generated a lot of interest in me that I didn't think was there. The straw the broke the camel's back was the day I visited Game Exchange. We played Star Trek Pro and I almost bought it on the spot. My better half convinced me to sleep on it. A month or so later I found a Star Trek Pro for sale here on the pinside and made a 7 hour round trip to go pick it up. (Thanks Stones).

That being said, I think I forgot how much I enjoyed pinball. At the roller rink when I was near ten years old I dropped as many quaters into the pins there as I did the video games. While in highschool I visited my brother at college and my bother introduced me to the Addams Family. He worked at Pinball Petes and let me have more than one free game. When it was my turn in college, instead of going class, I spent a fair amount of time at that Pinball Petes playing the same Addams Family. I'm still keeping my eye out for one.

As one grows older they find they have certain talents that they didn't know about. It turns out I'm a tinkerer. As a home owner and father you find that there are many things to fix around the house like when your daughter's toy breaks or one of the numerous appliances gets a glich and you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a repairman without giving it a shot first. My tinkering skills were needed as my Star Trek did need a bit of help as it was well loved. I spent twelve hours stripping it down and putting new rings on it and giving it a deep cleaning job. I have installed a cliffy protector, replaced LEDs, adjusted the drop target, and installed a new flipper coil stop. There is nothing better than a well oiled machine. I would still like to get that drop target registering hits at 75% or better. It only registers direct hits about 50% of the time. I had no idea I liked to tinker so much.

I love my Star Trek Pro, but we are going to have a new addition to the family Ghostbusters Premium (when it finally ships!).

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3 years ago
Good story. If there was a pinball machine at work, I would never work..... :)
3 years ago
You're off to a great start. Good luck in your quest for TAF!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Right here with you buddy. Had machines growing up but starting my own collection very soon. About to drive 7 hours (each way!) to look at a machine tomorrow. We shall see.
3 years ago
Great story! Good luck in the hunt for a TAF (probably my favorite game still), they are out there and come up fairly frequently.

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