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5 years ago
This is the best of the street level Gottliebs and one of their best non-em games. The music and sound package is amazing (as most Gottliebs of this era) but it really shines in straight forward yet fast and challenging gameplay. The basket point scoring is a clever implementation of basketball style point accumulation without sacrificing the traditional pinball scoring for it. It's fun to play dollar games for baskets!! Just love this game, way underrated.
7 years ago
Great game from the 80B era. There are a few potential strategies for scoring with multiball being the most lucrative but also the riskiest. If you see one I highly reccomend having a go.
8 years ago
The EM and SS versions have different scoring. The SS version is a bit more balanced away from the spinner and maxing and doubling bonus becomes more lucrative. I can shoot a spinner all day long so I tend to prefer the EM but own an SS and enjoy it a lot.
9 years ago
Stack those multiballs!!! This has to be the best Sega era pin by far. Way way better game then most people realize. It's not deep but it's straight forward and fun in spades.
9 years ago
The best classic Stern in my opinion. If you like shooting spinners you'll love this game. The curved scoop at the flippers also makes for a very different feel—in a good way. Just a ton of fun.
10 years ago
Volley is an excellent Gottlieb wedge head with lots of drop targets and decent ball times. Great game!
11 years ago
This would be a really cool DMD but the cannon causes a lot of weird ball behavior as it rolls over and along the edges—drives me nuts. Otherwise the cannon is a fun shot (you'll shoot it often) and there's some cool video interaction in this game, a bit more then most other games.
11 years ago
While it feels a little more like a game from 1980, I can't help but really enjoy it—it's simplicity is clearly it's strongest point. There's no missing the ways to score points and there's not one single shot or area that rewards you more then any other. The overall package is quite cool looking also. If I had to pick a drawback I would say the speech/sound is monotonous but I've played few games from this era that don't suffer a similar fate. I do think Space Shuttle is the better system 9 game but good luck finding a decent one for $500.