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4 years ago
This is one of my favorite games of all time. Great theme. Great sound. It's a very fun game that keeps your interest. The playfield is crazy. Thing gives everyone a hand! Good rules within the game. This definitely deserves top 10. Wish I had the $ to own one!
4 years ago
F-14 Tomcat is FAST!!! This pin has some decent shots. Great 80's sounds and music. Think of Top Gun. The 3 beacon lights on the back of the cabinet top are insane! When they go off, really draws you in. A great beginner game, that still can keep an experienced player busy for awhile. Good bang for the buck!
4 years ago
Tommy is a great pinball that will suit the novice to the expert. It has enough of the WOW factors to keep your attention. The mini challenges, as well as the sound are top notch. However, some of the callouts do become repetitive.
Good flow of gameplay make this one a keeper. Also, the"blindfolds" that block the player's view of the flippers is fun. Makes it a bit challenging. The mirror is another cool feature too. One of Data East's best!
4 years ago
This is a great machine, that can appeal to the beginner and experienced player. Machine theme is done well. Difficulty getting all the shots. The raptor shot can drain the ball pretty quickly, if you're not ready for it. T-rex is awesome. The animations are pretty good for when it came out.
4 years ago
Ghostbusters takes a good theme and makes a good pinball machine out of it. The music, sound, graphics, and playfield are top notch. It really draws you in.
With Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lurking in the background, and Slimer floating around, it is like enjoying Ghostbusters all over again. The machine looks, feels, and sounds great.
This is a challenging machine! It is very fast. There seems to be more of a flipper gap than normal. This leads to some quick games. Also, the ball tends to jump off the playfield at times. Frustrating.
Overall, it is a fun game. I would play it more, but one of the more expensive ones to play. Whether you like a challenge or just wanna play a machine that is fun...this one is for you.
4 years ago
Pinbot remade! Got to try this at Bethany Beach, DE. While it seems like an upgraded version of PInbot, there are some pretty decent features that make this one worth checking out.
It is a good challenging machine. The outlanes tend to work better than Draino. The play speed is pretty fast. I like the risk vs reward aspect. Take a chance for more points, or just grab and go?
Pinbot was one of my favorite machines during my teen years. Jack*bot seems to have captured my memories of a good machine, and left me wanting to play more. A fun machine for everyone.