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5 months ago
This game is interesting, but it's not as intuitive to pick up the rules as other games I have played.
5 months ago
This game is difficult and has a ton of variety. It almost has too much variety which makes it difficult to really learn.
5 months ago
This was the first pinball machine I've ever got to play in free play mode. In a way, this is what I cut my teeth on and thus am favorably biased towards it. It was something magical getting a bajillion ball multiball for the first time!
5 months ago
This game gets a bit repetitive, but as a beginner it is fun to play. It is the first real machines I was able to get to the "wizard mode" on.
5 months ago
This is one of the first pinball games I got to spend a lot of time with. At first I would only last a few minutes each game, but as I practiced, I was able to get a bit better. I was able to hone in on my skills shooting at various ramps since the layout is very simple. The Iron Monger gimmick is cool, but sometimes having the ball flung down the shoot can feel a bit unfair.
5 months ago
I absolutely love this machine. The gimmicks are a lot of fun and keep me coming back.