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27 days ago
Clearly biased as I own the LE but I've owned for long enough to try a rate it.

Shots are great, love the through the pops ramp and the loop shoot. The ingenious way if you hold up the flipper it's not worth as much than with the flipper down! Keith at his best.

I really like that the modes will take you to Cyborg M/Ball as you naturally hit the required shots, again Keith at his best.

Animations and callouts are good, could be better but this would be more Stern than anything. Not sure I miss the pommy call outs tbh.

Overall I think this, next to Metallica (which I own), will be a machine that stands up to the test of time! 10/10
1 year ago
For me, this is the game that has the best theme integration of any game I have ever played!

I love the assets that tie in perfectly with the game. The movie clips especially! The way the mouth of the dragon moves in sequence with what s being said is proof of this.

The shot layout is really good. I like it! I know the pop up "trolls" can get in the way but learning the rules and using a backstab is important to clearing these little buggers.

Adding balls during modes is important and rewarding and is stacking this with your normal multiball!!

Overall a great game, that has excellent assets, shots and modes.
1 year ago
Managed to put way more time into this at a mates not long ago. It has changed my mind for sure!

Shots when hit are rewarding. Ramps enjoyable and the challenge is there to keep me coming back.
2 years ago
For a wide body this game has it all. Flow is amazing. Hitting ramp combos very satisfying, especially the skill shot.

The claw is an ok addition to the game. Makes reaching m/balls very easy. Disabled and it adds a new dimension to the game.
2 years ago
Was just meh tbh.

I think in a large collection this may suit that, but overall the shots were repetitive and not much else there in game play.
2 years ago
My grail that I have been chasing for awhile now so hopefully this doesn't come across to biased.

This has to be close to the complete machine. Artwork is stunning and deserves to ranked perfectly. I have this at the end of my collection to be seen.

Shot layout is good and challenging enough. I'm still trying to find the ramp but love the lock shot and the loops.

Animation on the DMD is pretty awesome. I know the game play can be slow because of this but watching the Juggler and High Wire M/Ball animations is great. Really well done!!

Learning more about the game but this deserves a spot int he op 10 personally.
3 years ago
Having owned this game for a year I feel I can finally rate it! Fast and can be brutal for first time owners!! Took me ages to get better at this game from a scoring prospective. Finally got a few tips on shots to hit and how to collect certain things and took my game to a whole new level!

Honestly the theme, design, layout and sound are all a big hit to me. Really hits that nostalgia part of me!!

That Gem shot is about the only thing in the game that is really a fluke shot and quite annoying.

Ramps are great, Quorra shot is excellent as is the shots through the pops!

NB: Like most, I have a tricked out Pro with Eli ramps hence the high scores in this area. I did not score it based on not having these upgrades.
7 years ago
Great game with great call outs. I find myself waiting to plunge the ball just to here what's being said.

Not much in the way of flow for this game but plenty to keep me coming back.

Love the top left flipper. Can be a danger to use but needed to get that elusive extra ball. Stewie Pinball is a great toy! Love the modes! Death save is a nice addition as my current line up hasn't one.

Looks great next to my TSPP!!
7 years ago
Great great pin.

Great toys, great artwork (love it!!), songs are brilliant!!!! Flow is pretty good too. The lighting is nothing short of brilliant. Love hitting the super jackpot on Master of Puppets multiball. Killer!

Code needs work (obviously) but when this is done watch out. I have a feeling those who sold will want it back.
9 years ago
Not a bad game. Simple enough, just doesn't seem to have alot to the game play.
9 years ago
Love the flow of the shots. Fast and frenetic and no matter what others say, that trunk shot ain't easy.
9 years ago
Very deep and complex game. For me, I love the theme. Being a huge Simpsons fan this machine was a no brainer for me. Love the three ball multi ball that needs to be stacked in the couch, trying to get the Simpsons heads during this is very challenging. Itchy and Scratchy multi ball cool as well. Once you get to know the mini games as I call them, you will be hooked. Great pin, great theme, will be in my collection for some time.
9 years ago
Having only owned this machine for a few months I can see why everyone raves about it. It may not be as deep as TSPP but it keeps draging me back to play it again and again and again and again...well, you get the drift.

Fast and fun, near perfect machine for me. Not going anywhere.