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7 years ago
I am rating the lighting high with LEDs - with bulbs it would be much less. I picked up this game on the cheap some time ago and it has really grown on me. At first a few of the difficult shots seemed near impossible but now that I have gotten better at them they are still very difficult but seem about right. Also some of the default settings were set too hard in my opinion - LOKI MB for example.

This game absolutely needs to be dialed in. With this game dialed in I would rank it up there with IM and SM. I think the problem with the low ratings is mainly due to set up issues and default settings being out of whack. I also moved the tesseract bulb in about 1/2 and inch so that it is much brighter when the tesseract is spinning.

The hulk callouts are awesome and fun. I liked the LE but the pro plays fast and fun and for the money this is the game to get.

I bought this game with only 800 plays on it from a failed pizzaria that was clearing out everything so I got it real cheap and didn't expect much because of all the low "on location" reviews. With the low plays, everything on my game was shiny new and balls fly up the black widow ramp and my tesseract spins like a top. Perhaps the problems with those stated in other reviews are due to not cleaning?

I love this game - finally something completely different from stern (thank you for not putting in a fan layout, George). This is a real keeper.
8 years ago
I like this game but it seems to have very easy shots and very hard shots and nothing in the middle. Hulk is way cool and those are the easy shots which is cool because I like to smash him. Would rate higher if more balanced. Hulk's voice callouts are perfect. Overall I really like the game though.