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4 years ago
I thought I'd never get another SYS80 after my Ice Fever, but I'm glad I did! TX Sector has some of the best sounds and music in pinball. Crank it up and get weird!

I love the playfield layout. It's similar to Dr. Who with the upper left flipper stand up target feed, and the upper flipper shots remind me of Tron (Gem and right ramp shot). I really like the double lit spinners in the middle as well. Very tight satisfying shots!

Oh yeah and 2 banks of drops!

My favorite Gottlieb for sure! "TX Tx tx..."
6 years ago
The only knock I gave on this was the dots, and it's not because they aren't good (they are), but it's because you NEVER SEE THEM! My eyes burn after playing this game. I doubt I blink when I'm playing. It's so fantastic. So fast! The music and ambiance just keep you locked in the game!

I had looked at pictures and videos of this pin and never really cared for it. I couldn't hear the music or callouts though, and I hadn't seen the movie either. I bought it BLIND and WOW! I haven't touched my LOTR since it's been in the house. I probably put at least 10-30 games on it a day, conservatively. Still have yet to reach Portal though! I can't give this thing up! I'd sell my car and buy a beater before I got rid of this pin! It's unique, and it's a keeper!