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7 months ago
Awesome machine. Best art package and trim of three models. Fast, fun, and pretty to look at.
1 year ago
Best machine I own. Loads of fun and very well made. Has 10k plays from being on location but you'd never know it. Katana shot is awesome, and the art package is stunning. Disco ball is super cool
2 years ago
Great game, one of the best theme integrations ever.
3 years ago
Cool rare machine. I think this game would be more popular if it wasn't so rare. Most people have never played it. Would be 100x better if color DMD available for this title, which should be soon.
3 years ago
Very fun machine, fast and furious. Only wish it had a little more integration with the movies actors, like the DE version did with the callouts. As far as the gameplay goes, this is the best Stern machine ever made in my opinion, and the only Stern I bought new.
4 years ago
Excellent machine. I prefer the gold cabinet over the blue, and the brass trim looks great. Game is a classic and seeing the hand grab your ball never gets old.
4 years ago
Fun game for all regardless of age. Very unique and hard to find. Sound effects are 80s influenced but adds to the nostalgia.
5 years ago
Great fun pin. Fast, brutal but that's Part of the fun. the back glass art looks awesome
6 years ago
Most pinballers fall into two categories, those that covet this machine and/or want to play it for the first time because of its rarity and nostalgic history, and those that think it's overpriced status symbol and not worth anywhere near what it commands. Both have some measure of truth.

Regardless of your opinion, it's hard to argue against an excellent original theme integration, which combined with a incredible story of a bankrupt pinball company and one man's dream to finish the machine, resulted in pinball's modern holy grail. It is a work of art to see, with the UV reactive glow in the dark cabinet and tube dancer that almost obnoxiously moans throught the game... fortunately this can be turned off in the settings. Mine is never leaving, I overpaid for it but don't care, even if its remade.

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