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A little about me

By JAG63

January 11, 2014

6 years ago

Well i have always loved Pinball since i was about 6 years old. Any time i was in a restaurant or bowling ally i was always asking my parents for quarters. Unfortunately i have only owned one Pinball , i was 10 years old at a neighbors estate sale. I bought a Ballyhoo table top machine, i believe it was made in 1931 and was basically one of the first Pins ever made from what i could find out. The machine i fell in love with though was the Twilight Zone in my local bowling alley, i would bring rolls of quarters with me and i would not call to be picked up until they were all gone regardless of who else wanted to play. As i got older and got a job i couldn't make it there as often, i am sure the other customers liked that, after about 3 years of not going there i decided i was going to get 2 $10 rolls of quarters and spend the day at the bowling alley. When i got there the TZ was gone and some stupid arcade game was there in its place. I immediately asked the owner for the vendors phone #. The vendor was very polite and told me unfortunately the Pin was in the break room of the local post office and was not open to the public. I kept in contact with the vendor and he said when he was ready to sell it he would let me know, well i called him the other day and i missed the sale by about a year. So it is now my goal to get a Twilight Zone machine, i am very knowledgeable with electrical and maintenance to the machine, my only concern will be a damaged play-field and cabinet but i am sure there are people here who could help me. I am looking forward to talking and getting to know you and hope someday i will own my own Twilight Zone.





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