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8 years ago
You can't go wrong with the last game Williams officially made. The ramps are fun and gun shot draw mode on the playfield is different. I finally found one to play and just really enjoyed. I don't know why this pin is not higher on the list. There are a lot of moving pieces like the train and hat on the bad guy to hit for jackpot and multi-ball. I wish a company would make a themed game along this lines again instead of the same out movie themes.
8 years ago
For whatever reason this is always a fun and entertaining game to play. The quotes are just out of this world. The two ramps are fun to shoot. This may be one of the best user friendly games. The Stiff O Meter is fun to achieve with Elvira pushing you on. I hope they do a new version as might be a rumor somewhere down the road with JJP. The shoot the spider in the back glass is a different touch on this game which can't be matched by any other game. I have never played the older Elvira & the Party Monsters game but the Scared Stiff is a true classic. This game might not have all the bells and whistles and special effects but the game holds up in the end.
8 years ago
I just recently got into this game as it showed up at one of my bars. This is another top game made by Stern. This is a very challenging game to complete and multi-ball is not easy to achieve which can be frustrating. All the shots are fun on this game and it seems like there is no dead space on the game. The only challenge I tend not to like and is boring is the collect the souls shot to get to 5,000 souls seems a little repetitive and boring at times. Still this is a fast paced game and flow is great. On a side not I dislike one part of the great games where scoring is low for tasks completed, miss the old ones where you get big scores for example like Jurassic Park 713,775,560 instead of the 52,457,960 like this game today.
8 years ago
This is a fast moving game and extremely fun to play. The spinning genie bottle and magnet in front to the genie is something different. The ramps are fun and this is a challenging game to complete and score on.
8 years ago
I believe this is one of Stern's best as well and most user friendly games to play. The game moves great with the ball flow and is nice to have a new version that came out with four flippers and upper playfield to play which is not a bad game. Yes, you don't have to be a big fan of Elvis but this game moves and has fun shots where the ball does not go SDTM like on AC/DC. I had a lot of fun playing this game at my local bar before the one of the owners decided to take it out for golf game. Oh well, I always would play off 2 dollars for at least 3 hrs getting free games. Maybe this has something to do with my rating but after playing it wherever I can find it is always fun so it must be a good game if I keep going back to it.
8 years ago
I really was looking forward to this game when it came out but having played it many times it just is boring to me. Especially the lack of pace on the game. It seems the ball has no real movement throughout the game. To me there are just no real fun ramps or shots in the game.
8 years ago
The ramps are the best on this Stern game by far. It is a fast moving game just wish it was not Spiderman as the theme.
8 years ago
This game has some great quotes and is fun to play. The 3 ramps are extremely fun and rare to find this many on a game.