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8 years ago
This one just wasnt for me. Owned it for a few months and let it go.
8 years ago
Awesome game with awesome shots and the music is great.
8 years ago
Fun game but seems repetitive a little. Fun game for the family if you are a fan of the movies.
8 years ago
Very fun and challenging pin for the whole family. Very deep game with a large ruleset.
8 years ago
Owned for awhile but passed on this pin in the long run. Great pin but it just waant a keeper for me.
8 years ago
Pretty fun family pin for everyone. You can easily see why this pin is rated in the top 10 after playing a few games.
8 years ago
Over all one of my favorite pins that will most likely never leave my house.
9 years ago
Great game but I believe it plays a little slow. Hard to figure out how to advance the game without a lot of knowledge about the game. Great game for my collection that will probably not go anywhere anytime soon. The factory difficulty to get multiball I believe is set too easy. Gameplay is fun overall and music is ok overall.
9 years ago
very fun game over all. very challenging to even the skilled pinballer. hard game to get all of the modes and multiple ball locks and overall a great game for its time.
9 years ago
For jersey jacks first pin this is nuts. I can't wait for the rest of his line up. Awesome game with awesome never before seen features. This game is very deep and playable by the whole family. Great game
9 years ago
This pin was the pin that got me into pinball. There are so many mods to go into and it is a pretty deep game for gameplay. I enjoy this pin because I grew up watching some of these guys wrestle on tv. I believe this is a very under rated pin. The feature I love to strive for is hitting the lock ball and hearing HULK shout "MMMIIIILLLIIIOOONNNN".... very cool game and the upper play field is awesome as well. extremely under rated pin
9 years ago
SUPERCHARGER SUPERCHARGER SUPERCHARGER!!!! How cool is that thing. When the ball whips around the supercharger so much you can actually feel the machine rocking left to right. This game is great and challenging. You have to be almost dead on in your shot placement to make the outer loops and advance the lights on the stoplight. Very cool game and very challenging for any skill level
9 years ago
This game overall is a great game to own especially for a beginner. The game is not to deep to understand but it has cool features like the police pursuit and hideouts. For 1986 this was an awesome game.
9 years ago
Very good pin overall. It is fun especially for beginners because there are three ramps per flipper and the multi ball is not difficult to obtain. The flow of the game really runs together good. Great game

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