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5 years ago
Best Stern game ever.
9 years ago
This game just keeps getting better and better. Super fast and super fun. Everyone who comes to my arcade wants to play it over and over again. Incredible art and sound package. The Crank It Up Modes are stellar. The LE/Premium makes a big difference with the hammer/coffin lock and snake lock jaw for double scoring.
10 years ago
Classic art and gameplay. RUDY is one of the most iconic figures in pinball. Super creative and great platforms layout by the great Pat Lawlor.
10 years ago
Deep great game. Fast and really good ramp shots. Skill based game where you have to plan your shots in order to acheive the vacation jackpot. Overall great pinball.
10 years ago
Great sexual humor. Relatively easy to start Scared Stiff but tough to finish. Awesome backbox animation. Really well put together pinball package.
10 years ago
Mark Ritchies best game. Incredible theme and great music. Tons of modes and the best video modes in pinball.
10 years ago
One of Sterns best pinballs. Great music package despite not having dirty deeds. Great lower playfield which changes the game completely and separates it from the pro among many other things. Playfield art would be the only somewhat minus to this game. Photoshopped art compared to the Bally/Williams hand drawn...
10 years ago
One of the best art packages in pinball. Great use of the Arabic harp for the ladder bonus. Great flow and overall fun game.
10 years ago
Great art, flow, and sounds. The trunk is a great toy, but surely takes a beating. Great use of magnets and mirrors. Classic Bally pin.
10 years ago
Great toys, hilarious humor, excellent art, overall fun and classic Williams pinball. George Gomez best designed pinball.
10 years ago
Open playfield, awesome saucer toy, decent flow. Hilarious voices and sound effects. A classic in modern pinball. Somewhat similar to Brian Eddy's Medieval Madness...
10 years ago
Really fast, great flow Steve Ritchie game. Great ZZ Top inspired soundtrack. Great starter pinball or adder in a larger collection.
10 years ago
One of Stern's best games. Awesome flow, multiple ramps and flippers, great sounds and movie quotes, great light package. All we need is a video mode now. :-)
10 years ago
Excellent sound package, good art, but limited game play as it is a bit repetitive. Really cool theme and haunting organ sounds. One of the best back glasses out there. Too bad, this was pre-DMD.
10 years ago
Great movie, great movie pinball. Nice flow and a good light show. The adult sound ROMs are a must if you do not have a family or kids around. Excellent starter pin!
10 years ago
There's a reason why this is the best selling pinball of all time. Iconic quotes, great skill shots, and a rule set almost anyone can easily understand. Great pinball!
10 years ago
Unbelievable flow. Great art, playfield layout, and overall fun pin. Long ball times for the good player. Great ruleset by the great Lyman Sheats. One of the best end of game music sequences playing the Spider-Man theme song.
10 years ago
Top three Gottlieb game. Good art, gameplay, and fairly deep. Cabinet with space graphics is especially nice. Really good game in a larger collection.
10 years ago
Great music themed pinball. "Ain't Going Down" is a song recorded by Gun's N' Roses only for this pin! Also, Slash was on the design team as he is an avid pinball player.
Great use of magnets during multiball probably Borg's best designed game besides Tron.
Top two best Data East Game...
10 years ago
An underpriced and underrated game that has been gaining ground in the past couple years.
The wolves video mode might be the best in pinball. The red DMD really lends itself well into the Dracula theme.
Haunting and beautiful sound package as well as DMD animation.
Super frustrating, but very rewarding gameplay. Sometimes makes you feel like this is the first time you have played pinball. Dam you Barry Oursler...
10 years ago
Underatted game and a great value for the money.
44 Magnum shooter is a great way to launch the ball. Clint's voice really lends itself well to draw you into the game. Excellent flow and sometimes tough left ramp shot for the Super Jackpot.
Really tough outlanes add to the skill of mastering this game.
10 years ago
I was hooked the first time I played this game. I played it with my brother in Las Vegas when it first came out. I said, "I will be buying this machine". Probably the greatest value game compared to it's competition.
I am glad to see that people are finally realizing how great this machine is. Initially, there were too many people who discounted it because of the lack of quality in the early 2000 Stern machines.
Incredible art, rules, and theme. This game proves why Keith Johnson is a stud in programming.
10 years ago
Twilight Zone is one of the greatest pinballs ever made. This is the only machine that provided it's designers full reign of whatever they wanted to implement because of huge prior success with Addams Family. I quote my brother, "some of the mechanical designs should be in the Smithsonian".
Perfect blend of theme with oddities that just seem to work. Great skill players game. Some flow shots, but mainly skill-based shots.
"Lost in the Zone" is an excellent wizard mode and the use of Golden Earrings "Twilight Zone" song and music is genius.
10 years ago
Medieval Madness is a classic. Game theme is really well implemented into play. The castle is one of the best toys in all of pinball.
The King of Payne's henchmen are very creative and very funny. Some of the lines are so memorable that you quote them like you would a great movie.
Very deep and challenging game with a very specific goal that is easily recognizable by most players.
10 years ago
Cirqus Voltaire is one of the best pinball machines ever designed. Excellent art, sound, and gameplay. Probably the most unique colors on a pinball rivaling only Big Bang Bar and Wheel of Fortune. Great video modes including Simon Says and a Cirqus Kangaroo on wheels(because software designer Cameron Silver is from Australia). A very challenging wizard mode when you join the cirqus for the avid player and some easier modes for the amateur player as well.
Neon Multiball is one of the best modes in all of pinball. It incorporates the large neon tube that lights up each one of these machines.
Great historical background in attract mode explaining the bagatelle and the origins of pinball and Voltaire in France.
One of the few pinballs to have the dot matrix display(dmd) in the lower cabinet. The other being Capcom's Flipper Football.
This continues to be one of the most underrated pinballs of all time because of limited production of only 2704 and player's ablility to actually play the game.

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