My first game and what happened

By Insane

February 15, 2015

6 years ago

So, i have always loved pinball. I was driving down the road and there was a pinball by the road with a for sale sign. this was in 1997. It was a Williams Dealers Choice. I bought it for $700.00 (didn't know any better). The cabinet is in ok shape. Backglass ok, playfield dirty. No ball, needs rubbers, lights. Has 2 different length legs and the lockdown bar is separated from the latch parts. No back door and the bottom of the head isn't really attached to the rest of the head. So i bring it home. Call the local operator and ask him where to find parts etc. He points me to Pinball Resources. I placed my order and while talking to Steve, i ask what parts the offer, he tells me pretty much anything except backglass. So its in my kitchen and i've gotten it somewhat working. And all is well. So my wife is having a Kitchenware party (think pampered chef etc..) So i need to move it out of the kitchen. My brother-in-law and i unplug it and start to move it. Then the head falls forward (remember the bottom isn't attached) and i hear glass shatter. We lift it up and the backglass is shattered. When we unplugged it, the end of the cord was on the top and thats what the glass hit. So after some screaming and crying and a couple of days, i called PBR and asked Steve if he could tell me where to get a Backglass, he told me to try Mayfair. So in the meantime, i got some clear 2 part epoxy and glued it back together. Mayfair had some, i just wasn't ready to spend that money.

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6 years ago

Oh man I hate hearing these type of stories just make me cringe reading it. Hope you've gotten in back in playing order. Parts can be pretty expensive so I can see why you were hesitant to pull the trigger.

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