How I fell in love with Pinballs.

How I fell in love with Pinballs.

By inicksf06

May 14, 2018

8 months ago

In 1988 I was 17, (Now you know my age)... I fell in love with a brand new pin (at that time) called Taxi. It took me 30 years to fulfill the dream to posses one on my own, and I don't regret it.

In february 2018 I decided to purchase a TAXI for sale one hour away form my place and I decided to jump in with the fear to be constantly paying for repairs or ending up having a machine taking dust in my garage. It didn't take long before I had something went wrong in my machine.

Not knowing even how to open a pinball, nowing nothing from pinball, I decided to take it seriously.

The first time I put my hands on it I was proud of myself when I changed the "Drac" bonus lamp...

Today (3 months later only) I'm rebuilding Flipper assmblies, chamging coils, soldering, desmanteling the whole playfield, chamged all platic part, rubbers, etc....

Let's be honnest, I'm hooked into this world. 

My backgroud of computer engineer and software developer helped a lot understanding those mfabulous machines.

Now it's time to build up a collection...

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