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6 years ago
Boy, the reviews on the game are brutal. I have owned the game for 2 years and really like it. Why,
I love the rules, code etc. I like the modes ( all different) and multi balls, drag race MB (first mode thats default when starting game can change with flippers) Burn Out MB , Gears multi ball 3-6 balls where your can cancel out (hit both flippers) to go, from 3 to go for 4 etc up to 6. Upgrade scoring and upgrade scoring MB, Mustang MB.

When you are able to start or earn all the 6 modes (DR, SD,RR, C,RC,PP) you qualify for drift mode. So when you achieve this two buxom ladies say something like ready start go, and cheer you on with style points call outs. Awesome.

Lastly I like the call outs especially Daisy's and the animations. I think it's a blast and very different from other games. Rating was lowered due to Backglass, playfield artwork and theme. Caution you need to tone down and replace some lights they will drive you nuts if not changed. Seizure city.
8 years ago
I have been able to play this at several locations after discovering at the Expo. I bought it IM VE and really enjoy this game. Maybe it's the magnets but everyone that comes over this is the pin they choose to play.

I love the layout and the game and play is unique to what I have. It takes awhile to remember there isn't a third upper flipper.
8 years ago
I was able to play at the Expo in Chicago and this was the pin I always wanted to come back and play.
I think banging away at the Sandman created the initial appeal but this was very fun. I love the look and play of this machine.
I would like to own someday and probably should have bought the one for sale at the Expo. I can see why this is so well liked.
8 years ago
Wow, what a blast. It takes awhile to get the hang of it, like the away team shot and the unpredictability of the Vengence shot, so much to do it's like a full blown assault the ball flying everywhere. Very fast and extremely fun. I like the theme and this is worth owning.. It has some similarity as SM in which I like that game as well. The multiballs are excellent was fortunate to hit the Kobayshi Maru after completing the first 6 missions. I like that you have so many options (missions) that you can play. Awesome
9 years ago
I can't help but rate this very high. It is fun and fast. There are so many things to do and it's not only a challenge if you bomb out on one thing you can do well on another. The play field with led's is pretty stunning and some of the modes have great sounds and call outs. I kind of stumbled on to this pin and I glad I found it. I have never seen it at location or pinball expo's etc. This is a real keeper. Love it.
9 years ago
What a great game, every chance I get to play one I do. It's lots of fun and when the fan and spinning disks kick in for locking the ball or multilball it is a blast. I just love the play field and the feel of the game.

It is such a classic and one I hope to own one day.
9 years ago
This is probably my favorite pin I have owned. There is so much to do and it's just fun to play. I don't mind the country music the only gripe is always staring on the east coast does get repetitive. However some of the city modes are very clever, like frozen people targets in Minnesota. When you get the locks have have a shot at the multiball its very satisfying drill the mouth for jackpots shots . It's not easy to get to the west coast but when you do its very satisfying. Flying rocks is also very clever and adds to the theme. This is just a blast.
9 years ago
This pin has a lot to offer and some of the features are very cool. I love the canon and the jackpot shots. The sound and sayings work for me. I have payback time set long and boy does it get you going. This was the first pin where I used video mode knocking off terminators. It's pretty easy to figure out but there a number of things to keep you interested and to score.
9 years ago
This is a classic for it's era. I have owned this pin for decades and it's a keeper. Great audio, light theme, plus lights on topper.
I like the 3 drop targets to advance planets and opening the visor and audio is very cool. When you get high game it has a great salute. My grandson less than 3 years old at the kitchen table with his other set of grand parents, he kept saying Circuits Activated. They couldn't figure it out until my daughter said that comes from the Pin Bot pinball game.

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