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2 years ago
Bolt this sucker to the floor because it is never leaving my game room!
3 years ago
I surprisingly enjoyed Baywatch when I played one in the wild. The playfield layout is pretty neat and there's plenty of shots to shoot for. It also has that 90's cheesey feel to it.

Baywatch also has a larger DMD, which is nice. It really helps compensate for the fact that there's a gargantuan sized David Hasselhoff head on the translite.

Overall, if you come across a Baywatch give it a shot. It may surprise you. But in terms of staying power, I don't see myself owning one...even if it was imamaculate.
3 years ago
Just a bad you quarters/dollars.
4 years ago
Pro's +

Unique game
Music/Sound package is cheesy but great
Really fun

Con's -

Gets repetitive
Not much staying power
4 years ago
Plenty of great shots
It's a lot of fun
Great sound/music package
Neat toys/gimmick
Playfield layout is great
4 years ago
Fun to play but gets repetitive. The rules are simple but it gets repetitive. The sounds are decent but it get repetitive.
4 years ago
It's a fun pin and plays well but Homer constantly saying "d-oh!" during gameplay can be very grating.
4 years ago
Crazy fun game with a crazy deep rule set and a crazy amount of shots. The art/sound package on it are great and there's really nothing negative I can say about this pin.
4 years ago
Want your pinball soul crushed? Play this difficult and captivating pinball. It's unforgiving and addicting. Games don't last long but you always seem to want to play one more.

If Stockholm syndrome was a pinball, BSD would be it.
5 years ago
Looks weird, plays weird, sounds weird and frustrates the heck out of me. Yet I enjoy playing it...even though I can't figure out why.
5 years ago
I played this machine a few days ago and all I can say is.....this is an odd machine. The left sling pops like normal, but the right sling was designed as a plain inactive rubber. The music isn't activated by anything, it's on a randomized loop and sounds like someone mashing a computer keyboard in MS-DOS mode.

The backglass is pretty funky and the game play is actually quite enjoyable. But I don't see it being a keeper or lasting long in anyone's collection.
5 years ago
A fun little game that would fit well in a medium to large collection. It can be a little repetitive and has some unbalanced scoring, but it plays well and has a nice sound package. The one I play has a color DMD and it really accentuates the theme. It's also a great pin to play with a group.
5 years ago
Fun, gory, hilarious, scary, politically incorrect, challenging & campy are all words that perfectly describe this pin.

Definitely not family friendly...but campy nostalgia from the 90's mixed with some politically incorrect gore/humor make for a pretty good pinball theme with plenty of great modes. The tombstone bash toy is fun & who wouldn't like chainsawing a zombie head in half?

The shaker motor kicking in when you descend into the crypt for multiball is a nice touch.

Make sure the VUK at the top right of the playfield is functioning properly.
5 years ago
There are a lot of people who despise this pin and I can empathize with them as to why. The stop and go aspect, the nasty looking translite, car crunch, the music and callouts, the horrible DMD animations, only 3 ball multiball....yada yada. I get it.

But this pin is for those who enjoyed playing the arcade game. There's a certain nostalgia I get from playing this pin. It nicely incorporates the arcade game mode of defeating all the fighters. There are some tricky shots and some funky ramps. The callouts and sounds are just corny as heck...but they always bring a smile to my face.

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