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32 days ago
I know the pro is missing a lot compared to the premium but it is still a blast. It has almost all the same shots and is very smooth (I have played a lot of both). With the premiums so hard to find grabbing a pro is a great option. This game really has the potential to be one if the best all time. Elwin really is the master of unique fun flowing smooth shots.
1 year ago
This game is one of the all time best already! The shots, the insane depth of the code and the overall fun I have playing it are just amazing. There are so many different ways to play it. The continuous code updates have made this a modern classic!
3 years ago
Just an unbelievable game. Amazing new layout that feels so different from recent sterns. Art is awesome and so are the callouts. This really is modern classic.
5 years ago
Its flat out the best pinball machine of all time. Fantastic shots, art and rules. Amazing!