To The Point

By illudiumQ36

May 04, 2021

49 days ago

Some of these stories I've read are almost as long as a novel.  I'll be succinct:

1976 Boy goes to bowling alley.  Boy discovers Williams Skylab.  Boy  falls in love with pinball.

1978 Boy gets caught by the cops, sneaking out at 1am to go play pinball at 7-11.

Also 1978 Boy discovers local college cafeteria has Eight Ball and Mata Hari.  Boy spends all his money on Fonzie and a dead spy woman.

1985 Young man buys his 1st pinball: Power Play.

2021 Old man has 15 pins after previously having about 50 over the last 4 decades.

The End

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32 days ago

Good. Succinct. Good.

31 days ago

There were pinball machines at 7/11?! o.0;

30 days ago

Very nice and succinct.

24 days ago

Thanks ! Yes, in Northern Virginia, every 7-11 back then, usually had two pins. One had Paragon and Night Rider. Another had KISS and one other I don't remember. We spent a lot of money, between Slurpees and pinball.

20 days ago

My 7-11 had Karate Champ, this sounds way better

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