Ike's Pinball Story

By Ike

November 06, 2013

8 years ago

My pinball journey really began in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Only real experience before that was a friend of mine growing up had a Fireball at his house that we would play. In college, my wife and I would pop into the arcade on the Hill called the Boardwalk any chance we got to play on their pins. I never realized how amazing their lineup was until I started searching reviews years later. They had Medieval Madness, Mars Attacks, Theater of Magic, Tales of the Arabian Nights and several others I can't remember now. Now living back in San Diego and three children later I decided to buy our first pin for the house about 4 years ago... Creature From the Black Lagoon. Bought it from a guy in La Jolla in great shape. Wife and I and now our kids play it all the time. Have played many pins since but I now realize how amazing this game is. Don't think I will ever get rid of it. Never felt like I needed another pin until something told me to pull up Craigslist and see what other pins were for sale. Oh no....the bug again. After way too many hours looking at reviews, adds and forums I purchased my second pin....Judge Dredd. Great game, not sure if I will keep it long term, but it fits the bill for now. Ideally I'd like a game room with 6-8 pins amongst other games but for now this will do. The journey continues.

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