By idtattoo

November 13, 2012

8 years ago

I grew up playing pinball, whenever I had a quarter to spare. I spent my youth doing a lot of differnet jobs and always found pinball to be a escape on my way home from work. To this day there is a strange sense of relaxation and escape from life that i find attempting to control the uncontrollable. Sometimes I think pinball may have been what gave me the ability to just accept life on lifes terms. I actually think that was my Dad who taught me that. Regardless, I love playing, tinkering and hunting them, almost as much as I can find time for.

Now go find some pinball to play

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8 years ago

Welcome to pinside.

7 years ago

You ever want to sell Scared Stiff, LMK!!

7 years ago

Your profile story is very much the same as I feel about the pin quest! It must be a Minnesota thing.

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