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1 year ago
For years I was in the majority. I didn’t want a Sega game and was turned off by the theme. I had played one at an arcade that had weak flippers and incandescent bulbs. Then, after watching some videos and hearing that Chad redid the code, I was interested. So I picked up a really nice example and it’s even better than i thought it would be. There’s so many shots and rules and good flow. If you don’t think Baywatch is an awesome game, I would recommend you play one that works well. Definitely a “one more game” pin for me.
3 years ago
Great game. Very underrated. DMD animations are not so great. I don't like video modes but thankfully, all three are very short and smashing the flipper buttons as fast as possible to outswim the shark never gets old. The rules aren't very deep but are still fun and accessible for newer players. Sinking ships feels like a real accomplishment because sometimes the ball will bounce out. Multiball is usually short but easy to get back into. The music is fantastic. The callouts are good and infrequent so you won't get tired of them. The cannon doesn't interfere too often, on mine at least, but doesn't usually result in a drain when it does. Personally, I enjoy the added bit of randomness.