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4 months ago
Another gorgeous game from JJP. Highest quality. Love the layout/code. Addictive fun.
1 year ago
Best game since BM66
3 years ago
One of the best pinball experiences ever. Actually it’s the best overall
4 years ago
JP makes me want to sell some of my outdated older pins.

WOW. Stern and Elwin have crushed it out of the park again.
5 years ago
Sexy Beast. Phenomenal job CGC!
5 years ago
Game is simple flipping fun! Great theme and artwork and of course if you are a Beatles fan then the song selection is really really good.

This is a long term keeper/beer drinker/collectible.
7 years ago
Great Fun.

Lighting and sounds are the best Stern has done to date. Such a fantastic and unique layout from Trudeau. The magna slings are a home run.

Flipper gap is a non issue for me, this pin plays fairly easy compared to TWDLE. It shoots really smooth. The reverse flipper Mass Hysteria is actually kind of cool. Didn't think I'd like it but crossing the arms really works.

The only negative would be the Scoleri brother targets, cheap looking.

If Dwight finishes the code like Lyman on this one it will go down as one of the best ever.
7 years ago
Just got my Indy 500 delivered two weeks ago. I was expecting really difficult from the comments, not at all, but i'm used to playing TWD which the shots are tighter and much more difficult.

I love the sounds and the callouts. Awesome fit for this theme. Super fast flow with decent rules.

This pin has the replay factor going for it. Want to keep hitting the start button!
9 years ago
My favorite pin and I have some great ones.
9 years ago
I hate the theme and that probably is a big reason I can't stand this pin, although its also boring and very overrated for where it is ranked. I wouldn't drop another quarter in it much less own it.
10 years ago
A 10 based on the videos I've seen and the "hearsay" stories.....I'll re rate it when I get my pin in a few weeks....

Set up Woz finally and absolutely love it.........I will detail the review after I upload 1.22.....
10 years ago
The more I played the premium the more I liked it. The bell is a cool and unique toy but the cannon placement is about the only thing I don't like about the pin. The music is awesome and and the modes and integration with the music/jukebox is fantastic. This pin is just a lot of fun to play and keeps you coming back for more!
10 years ago
I love it.....a ton of fun to play, unbelievably deep rules....if it weren't for a lot of people not liking the poker theme or understanding it this pin would be top 50...for me, I like it better than my SM right now...
10 years ago
A ton of fun, the scoring and rules make it fun for my kids to play, they are constantly trying to set new team high scores and its their favorite pin to play....

It's unique and a great addition to the lineup....
11 years ago
I've tried playing TAF on 4 or 5 different times and just can't get into it and don't have a desire to come back and play it again...
12 years ago
Could not get into this game. The Elvira theme is really cool and the play filed and back glass artwork is excellent but the game play for me was not good.....shots were easy and repetitive and while the spinning wheel was unique I think it takes away from the gameplay...

The ramps and crate shots are just too easy...a great game to look at but not a top 10 pin in my opinion...
12 years ago
The theme is great and the layout and play field are fantastic. After playing it several times though it just doesn't do it for me. The flow is not very good and I just couldn't get it into it....maybe I would feel differently the more that I played it like I did with LOTR...
12 years ago
Great ramps, genie lamp, cool artwork and I never get tired of playing this one....
12 years ago
On my bucket list of games to own. Fun to play and very deep ruleset.
12 years ago
Great flow! Love the right/left ramps, Sandman, Doc Ock, etc. SM and LOTR LE my favorites......
12 years ago
Funhouse is my first pinball love! Fun play that keeps me coming back for more....
12 years ago
Played about 20 games of TF. The game was sandwiched in between SM and LOTR LE so while the looks are as good as it gets, the gameplay kept me going back to SM and LOTR. Love the looks, but would play many other machines before this one.

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